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In pharmaceutical marketing, one of the key activity for engaging the doctor and building his/ her connect with brand is the detailing by the Sales Reps. Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amount of money in developing the relevant message, attractive delivery mechanism and effective sales force to make the final delivery.

Against this backdrop, we have worked out a message management model for our clients. The model involves:

  • Identification of key message elements that the doctors would like to see in a presentation by the Medical Reps
  • Prioritize these message elements to make the presentation very efficient - crisp and concise
  • Evaluate and get cues for developing an efficient Detail Aid that conveys relevant message as well as in a manner that is attractive and stays with the customer (Doctor)

Each stage make use of well thought out and tested methodologies and tools arrive at an efficient communication delivery output (Detail Aid). We go beyond traditional research techniques and make use of laddering techniques, maxdiff analysis and simulated clinic testing of final prototypes arrive at the final output.

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